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REIWA is the first Japanese company to obtain the cannabis cultivation license and importation license in Thailand and Southeast Asia. We run our business with Japanese business standards as applying manufacturing and quality control management systems. On top, we are utilizing blockchain technology to secure product traceability, which enable us to prevent copy products, counterfeit products, and illegally cultivated products from being distributed over to our valued customers. By doing this, we provide trust and assurance not only for our customers, but also it is to commit to our healthy society as a general.  

Eco-Friendly & 
Supply chain Management
powered by Blockchain
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About us

Siam Reiwa (2020) Co., Ltd. or REIWA was established and initially planned to deliver medical cannabis - marijuana for medical purposes. On January 2021, Thai government enforced the Industrial Cannabis or hemp laws, which had driven REIWA to shift to acquire the license for Industrial Cannabis in August 2021. The license allows to handle not only provide CBD for medical treatment but also to confectioneries, beauty, and cosmetics industries as well. 

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