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Siam Reiwa (2020) Co., Ltd. or REIWA was established and initially planned to deliver medical cannabis - marijuana for medical purposes. On January 2021, Thai government enforced the Industrial Cannabis or hemp laws, which had driven REIWA to shift to acquire the license for Industrial Cannabis in August 2021. The license allows to handle not only provide CBD for medical treatment but also to confectioneries, beauty, and cosmetics industries as well. 
Our Company
Indoor Farming

On July 2020, REIWA was established in Khu Muang, Buriram province by four entrepreneurs. The factory was designed by one of the Japanese board members and the 1st Class Architect. Our plantation area is built with specific construction materials to stabilize the temperature below 25 degrees Celsius without using heavy-duty air conditioning even in the hottest summer time. On top, in order to save our environment, we use solar powered energy to run LED for both working space and growing space. 


In Thailand, it is not rare to have a risk to detect harmful pesticides in the air and soil in Thailand. Therefore, we are growing cannabis in indoor facility. Controlling the cultivation environment is one of the essential factors for ensuring high-quality. While most cannabis growers in Thailand grow in outdoor or greenhouse, the environment in Thailand, precisely Southeast Asia, does not meet pesticide control requirements when it comes to export a product, and  more importantly cannabis for medical use. 

The Japanese Industrial Management (QC/QA)
The Role Model of Cannabis Company in Thailand.
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We run our business with Japanese business standards as applying manufacturing and quality control management systems. On top, we are utilizing blockchain technology to secure product traceability, which enable us to prevent copy products, counterfeit products, and illegally cultivated products from being distributed over to our valued customers. By doing this, we provide trust and assurance not only for our customers, but also it is to commit to our healthy society as a general.  

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There are many unethical cannabis growers in Thailand and Southeast Asia region. Following the regulation might sound not easy for others but not us. REIWA strives to support FDA in creating heathy society together by following every cannabis regulation and being a role model of cannabis company in Thailand since established. As a result, REIWA had been awarded by FDA for "The most advanced cannabis facility and the role model of Thailand" on November 2021.   

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