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Products & Services

REIWA offers a wide range of business services. We provide medical-grade CBD products to cosmetic fields and pharmaceutical use, as well as industrial products such as fibers and for construction materials. The cannabis plants we cultivate, as the nature of our license, do not contain THC components. Therefore, we are flexible to export internationally. 

Controlling the cultivation environment is one of the essential factors for ensuring high-quality. We farm cannabis in indoor facility, in which we guarantee our quality is not comparable to those outdoor or greenhouse growers. Since our company obtained the cannabis import license, we import cannabis seeds contains a high rate of CBD directly from the United States. We not only develop high-quality seeds through research and cultivation but also provide them to our contracted farmers to increase the amount of supply, thereby meeting the rapidly growing demand from the global market. As a leader in the CBD industry in Southeast Asia, we will distribute and promote the world's best products in Thailand and make "the future of a healthy society" come true.


Our company sells a wide range of medical-grade CBD products (limited to Thailand), cosmetics, industrial CBD products such as foods, and raw materials such as commercial CBD oil and isolates. The hemp plants we cultivate as a feature of our company do not contain THC components because we only use the modified strain seeds. In addition, by applying blockchain technology to give traceability to perform product tracking, our company makes it possible to prevent copy products, counterfeit products, and illegally cultivated products from being delivered to customers. Instead, our customers would be satisfied with our products with security. Our company will provide the products to our customers internationally with trust and safety, and protect their health with strict quality control.


The Asian market is projected to overtake the North American market due to its large population and purchasing power. Our company has the strategic advantage of being located in Thailand, the cornerstone of Southeast Asia. As a Japanese company, we distribute our high-quality products globally, starting with the Japanese market to the European and American market, including the Oceanian market. As for the Japanese market, we established an affiliated company - Siam Reiwa International Co., Ltd or SRI will develop commercial distribution by leveraging the strengths of both parties.

Our company enables flexible OEM manufacturing.

The laws differ for each country on CBD. In some cases, CBD components extracted from other than leave and buds are not allowed to use. Our company takes measures such as changing the production line and setting up cultivation and production processes tailored to each customer, according to the laws of each country. Moreover, not to mention that we provide proposal-based and ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) based support systems. We also respond to cost inquiries and can supply foreign information due to the location of our company in Southeast Asia. We will deliver true joy to distributors and end-users.

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